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Services for Railroads and Economic Development Organizations
Harvey H. Stone, PE, President
"The goal of Stone Consulting is to provide each client with a complete and up-to-date source of information and technical assistance in all aspects of railroad consulting, engineering and planning. Each project will receive the close attention and diligence required to be successfully completed in the time frame allowed."

Stone Consulting Inc. was formed to provide a dynamic, creative environment for its professional staff. With our extensive experience in engineering, consulting, railroading and industrial development, we bring knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to each project.

Though a 'small' engineering firm SC has grown our nationally-based business through a combination of versatile on-site staff talent, and an extraordinary partner listing of subconsultants across the United States and Canada.

Combine the "hands-on" experience in track engineering and an all-encompassing knowledge of the rail industry with a hearty grasp of today's economics and you have a firm ready to serve your project needs!

Randall D. Gustafson, VP Operations and Transportation Analyst
Combining practical engineering expertise in rail passenger feasibility studies, track engineering, and rehabilitation with experience in analyzing and developing tourist and passenger rail potential, Stone Consulting can meet the needs of its clients in a wide range of rail development projects, particularly those which involve relationships between municipal/development organizations and private railroad operators.

Our company's ability to support the implementation and construction of an actual project, be it a study or an engineering design, results in better 'real time' information about costs, ridership, marketing impacts, and revenue sources.

Doug Ellison, Rail Projects Manager
Stone Consulting's client list is approximately 50% public agencies, including cities, economic development agencies, authorities and counties. The remaining 50% includes 501c(3) nonprofit organizations such as tourist railroads, railroad museums, and conventional for-profit corporations.

Approximately 75% of Stone Consulting's annual volume is directly related to railroad construction, engineering and consulting activities on a national basis. When working on distant and specialized rail projects we seek to partner with a local-area individual or firm that can provide specific local expertise and a contact point.
Doug was recently appointed as the Chief Engineer for the Iowa Pacific Holding Co. The entire staff of Stone Consulting supports Doug in this endeavor.

Rod C. Whitehead, E.I.T.
Rod Whitehead's broad experience combines shortline railroading, excursion railroading, and hands-on rail operations over a wide variety of projects. Rod was instrumental in the 2011 startup of the Saratoga and North Creek railroad for the Iowa Pacific Holding Company. This 58-mile railroad was started up to be a rail commuter and excursion line - the first privately-operated commuter-compliant passenger line in decades. Rod was responsible for getting the track up to FRA Class 2 standard for 40mph operations, track inspection and the initial hands-on track maintenance programs.
Dick Balas, Senior Railroad Designer
Dick is a railroad designer with more than 20 years of rail design experience.  Dick has designed several hundred rail projects during his career.  Dick's list of design projects covers all facets of the railroad industry from industrial and shortline spur tracks, to Class I mainlines and leads, to streetcar and light rail transit.  In addition to his expert rail design, Dick has also been an integral part of assisting our clients in obtaining grant funding for rail projects. 
Chase Howard, EIT
Chase is the primary AutoCAD design professional for Civil Engineering and rail design, with a structural engineering background from Drexel University.  Chase is also a graduate of the specialty rail engineering course of the University of Wisconsin at Madison and has had formal training in track inspection through the Railroad Track Inspection and Safety Standards Seminar at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga.
Chad Jespersen, EIT
Chad adds a new dimension of 3-D design and analysis to Stone Consulting, Inc. with his mechanical CAD design and national product field installation background from Zurn Industries.
Catherine Lee is the manager of Stone Consulting’s Environmental Department. She brings many years of experience in all types of oil, gas and mining permitting. Her most recent experience includes being the environmental manager for PAPCO Gas/Edward Engineering/PAPCO Gas before returning to Stone Consulting, Inc.
Bridges and Other Structures
John M. Ludwig, VP, Engineering
Shortline and tourist railroad clients of Stone Consulting rely on us for regular inspection of bridges, including a relatively large population of restricted-weight trusses and wood-pile structures.

Stone Consulting also provides industrial design services to general manufacturing concerns, industrial development groups and municipalities. These services include general structural designs such as building foundations, bridge and crane structural analysis, building stabilization and environmental permitting.

Design and Project Management
Our design staff frequently participates in on-site inspection to better help us serve our clients' needs. All design team members have rail-specific experience for the unique considerations of rail engineering.

Standard computer design tools include AutoCAD Civil 3-D Civil Engineering design software, and STAAD-Pro structural analysis software. AutoCAD integration with Google imagery and surface models for conceptual design purposes has been accomplished with several rail projects.

Stone Consulting encourages our employees to enroll in continuing education classes offered by AREMA, the Institute for Railroad Engineering, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison among others.

Project management organization at Stone Consulting revolves around Project Manager central contact, with a designated, project-specific team of individuals providing specific technical and work task support. The Project Manager reports directly to a Professional Engineer.

All reports and deliverables are edited and finish reviewed by Mr. Stone. Final project review and assurance is confirmed by frequent and detailed client-level communication.

In addition to our full-time staff, Stone Consulting works with a wide variety of professionals in the railroad industry as project-specific subconsultants, including many individuals that have recently been employed by Class-1 railroads throughout the United States.

This large (and still growing) pool of specialized talent is able to expand and contract as necessary to ensure project completion. The resumes and experience of this additional team includes retired Class-1 track engineers, a technical writer, employees of both shortline freight and tourist railroads, a historic trolley expert, a locomotive maintenance expert, and computer technicians.

Gordon Lattey, Marketing and Communication

Gary E. Landrio, Rail Consultant
Landrio Resources, Inc.
Gary was instrumental in the start-up of the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad, a new 190 mile regional railroad on the old Erie Lackawanna main line from Hornell, NY to Meadville, PA. After assisting in the leasing of the line from Norfolk Southern, Gary acted as the railroad’s VP Engineering and Chief Engineer for several years, helping them to procure in excess of $14 million in grants to improve the line to FRA Class 3.

Stone Consulting provided weekly track inspections, trained the railroad’s track inspectors, provided design and inspection for more than $12 million in track and signal improvements and assisted in the day to day operations of the start-up railroad.

Larry A. DeYoung, Railroad General Management & Government Relations
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