Engineering Projects

We provide a wide range of engineering services to our clients including:
  • Rail Freight Assistance Program
  • Track Rehabilitation and Project Management
  • Design of Track, Crossings & Facilities
  • Industrial Siding Design
  • Bridge & Track Inspections

Services Offered: Track Rehabilitation

Erie Times News, Erie PA
Stone Consulting, Inc. was responsible for the Project Management and reconstruction of track that was deteriorated to the point that the servicing railroad refused to operate on it.

2007-2008 $200,000
Contact: Duane Hudak (814) 870-1792


Duferco Farrell Corp. (formerly Sharon Steel), Farrell, PA
This successful client has called upon our expertise for many projects:
  • Design & Project Management for the Phase 1 rehabilitation of numerous sections of the 46-mile in-house rail infrastructure.

  • Project administration and construction management for Phase 2 rehabilitation utilizing relay track and special work materials (65 track panels and 15 switch panels) on-site and Caparo force-account union labor for construction.

  • Phase 3, Design and Project Management for track reconstruction and locomotive pit.

  • Phase 4-5, Design and Project Management for track rehabilitation and 6 at-grade road crossings.

  • Crop Yard alignment design.

  • Feasibility Study for a shortline railroad

  • West Gate Bridge reconstruction estimate.

  • RFAP Grant Applications, funded as requested.
1997 - 2007 $7.4 million
Contact: Joe Burns, Director of Rail Operations
(724) 983-6464 Ext. 241

Ellwood National Forge, Irvine PA
This project consisted of the rehabilitation of existing track for this industrial facility.

2005 - 2006 $550,000
Contact: Harold Murphy
(814) 563-6323

Services Offered: Design of Industrial Sidings and Transloading

Greater Erie Industrial Development Corporation (GEIDC)
The construction of the Erie BioFuels biodiesel plant is a major project for the City of Erie revitalization effort.
Stone Consulting, Inc. was retained by GEIDC, in partnership with SB3 Corporation, to design the rail yard and rail loading facilities for the new $35 million plant on the site of a former International Paper manufacturing facility.
The rail component of this new plant is a $4.2 million project.

2006 - 2008 $4.2 million
Contact: Bob Grice (814) 899-6022

Camp Chase Railroad Company
Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals L.P.

This new, $1.6 million unloading facility in the suburb of Columbus OH, has the capacity to unload 6 tank cars of ethanol at one time. Stone Consulting, Inc. was the Lead Designer and Project Manager of the side track, mainline track realignment and unloading area secondary containment system.

This was a fast-track design-build project that was completed in less than 120 days from preliminary drawings to final construction and the first train into the facility.

2006 $1.6 million
Contact: Russ Peterson, President (412) 426-4000

Rosebud Mining, Kittanning PA
Rehabilitation of 5 miles of existing track, construction of 4,000 feet of new track and turnouts for a newly re-opened coal mine.

Project had to meet Norfolk Southern criteria.

2007 $900,000
Contact: Jim Barker (724) 545-6222 Ext. 222

Services Offered: Design of Track Crossings

Westmoreland County IDC, Greensburg PA
Simultaneous Class1 abandonments of intersecting branch lines in Westmoreland and Fayette counties created a new shortline railroad opportunity. By combining the two marginal branch lines into a single-operator property, a vital new rail operation was created.

Stone Consulting, Inc. staff has provided these services to this highly successful client:

  • Engineering, administration and inspection for a number of track rehab projects ranging from 6 to 23 miles over 10 years.

  • Monessen Riverfront Development - Construction of 2,400-ft. of new track for a transloading facility including 1,000-ft of asphalt embedded track, 2 turnouts and track rehabilitation.

  • Design, permitting and inspection of rail access for glass plant constructed adjacent to Sony in the Westmoreland Technology Park which included 9,000-ft of track with 14 crossings.

  • New siding at Radebaugh

  • Develop conceptual design for two-mile cut-off to Westmoreland Yard, which will eliminate over seven miles of line.

  • Assistance with rail operator selection.

  • Emergency bridge repairs.

  • Rail Freight Grant Applications from 2000 - 2007
1995 - 2007 $4.5 million
Contact: George Church, Project Administrator
(412) 830-3610

Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad, Lakeville NY
We were retained by the Livonia Avon & Lakeville Railroad to help lease the trackage from Hornell NY to Corry PA owned by Norfolk Southern Corporation. The lease was signed and the WNY&P Railroad was formed. Gary Landrio of our office had worked to save this railroad since the early 1990's and was intimately involved in the negotiations. The WNY&P began operations on April 26, 2001.

We assisted the WNYP on the following projects:

  • A safety tie replacement project replacing 1,100 ties and a $750,000 PA Capital budget project to replace ties on a 28 mile stretch from Corry to the New York line bringing line up to Class 3 standards.

  • Design and construction management of the Falconer Operations Center

  • Designed and administered 5 major projects for track rehabilitation, welded rail and signals in NY.
2001 - 2004 $12,270,000
Carl Belke, Chief Engineer
(585) 346-2090
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