Historic Trolley Projects

Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART), Tampa FL

This project expanded the existing TECO Streetcar system into the Tampa downtown. The project was bid as a design/build project and our firm teamed with Kimmins Construction of Tampa, Florida to submit the winning bid. That bid was almost half of the second bid received by HART.

Our firm was responsible for providing topographic surveys, geotechnical studies, traffic planning, traffic signal design, corrosion control, utility relocation design, station design, track design and overhead contact system design.

A design charrette was held for the station design and we provided input to HART on track design issues and recommended changes from the furnished 10% design drawings.

Utility permitting included potable water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and coordination with overhead electric, underground electric, fiber optics and natural gas.

The entire project from bid to opening was completed in 19 months.

"Historic streetcar projects are no longer unusual in the United States. As we look around, we find they are in various states of study, design or operation in many areas of our country. We at Stone Consulting, Inc. believe that ours' is a classical approach to historic streetcar projects. We have gone back to the way systems were designed when streetcars were at their pinnacle.

"The trolley helped to develop the American city. The sights, sounds, and novelty of an electric trolley can still excite the public’s imagination and serve as a catalyst for redevelopment.

"All across the United States, from Memphis, San Diego, Portland, and Kenosha, communities are discovering the potential of historic electric trolleys for area redevelopment, pollution-free transit, and JUST PLAIN FUN!”

Randall D. Gustafson,
VP Operations, Transportation Analyst

Kenosha Transit Electric Streetcar Circulator Project
"The requirement that we integrate our streetcar track design with the new street design by Stanley Consultants resulted in using the internet for the transfer of drawings & specifications as we moved forward through the design phase of the project. Our capability to format drawings from Micro Station to AutoCad enabled Stone Consulting, Inc. to provide a ‘quick turnaround’ in completing design changes."
Harvey H. Stone, PE

Stone Consulting, Inc. is proud to have been chosen by Stanley Consultants, Inc. and the City of Kenosha to provide the preliminary and final design for the trackage, overhead wire, auxiliary power supply and the rectifier package for this two-mile historic trolley system connecting the harborfront with the commuter rail station.

The City of Kenosha, Wisconsin is constructing an electric streetcar system utilizing historic PCC streetcars in coordination with the Harborpark Development on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The Kenosha streetcar system will connect the 64-acre Harborpark development into the existing central city area and the METRA commuter rail station.

This project incorporates a typical embedded track design with a new “turf” track design developed by SC that hides the track in grass-seeded areas on median strips & throughout the landscaped Harborpark. The track section is surrounded by geotextile filter fabric & has a layer of topsoil over the ties & up to the rail to facilitate vegetation growth.

The system is constructed using all new 115# welded rail and concrete & steel ties instead of timber which will result in lower maintenance costs and increased longevity.

Stone Consulting, Inc. discovered that SEPTA was going to sell off or scrap most of their remaining PCC Cars in Philadelphia . We were able to place a bid for 10 of the cars and then offered them to our clients at cost. The Pikes Peak Historic Railway Foundation agreed to purchase all 10 of the cars and made arrangements to ship them to Colorado Springs where they currently reside.

Our associate Fred Perry built a rectifier station and assisted the group in installing several hundred feet of overhead wire to allow the cars to be run in and out of the temporary car barn.

Stone Consulting was also retained by the Pikes Peak Historic Railway Foundation to interface with the City of Colorado Springs during the design phase of a new bridge to make sure that the expansion joints would be compatible with future track construction on the bridge.

Pike's Peak

Issaquah Historical Society Issaquah, Washington
The Society retained Stone Consulting, Inc. to examine the feasibility and to provide technical assistance in the planned restoration of 2-1/2 miles of track of the original Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern Railway.
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