Shortline Freight Start-Ups

Our team has been involved in over 25 shortline freight and tourist railroad startups. We have handled the process from conceptual planning and business plans through negotiations for acquisition and implementation of the actual operations.

In five of these cases our staff has assumed the role of General Manager of the resulting operation. The majority of these cases included rehabilitation planning and project management.

We have been asked to look at existing branch and shortline operations. In these cases we have looked at the financial viability of the property, analyzed opportunities for increasing revenue and/or controlling costs.

Although our goal is always to find a realistic way to make a property successful, and we take pride in our creative approaches, we have in two cases found no redeeming factors and recommended the rail operations to be discontinued.

We are ready to respond to your needs. 100% of our startup projects were successfully implemented. We look forward to bringing this success record to your freight rail project.

Shortline Railroad Project Management

Allegheny Valley Railroad, Oakmont PA

Stone Consulting, Inc. has completed many and varied projects for this dynamic client:

  • 40th Street Connector - Created a much more efficient connection to CSX. Project included removal of existing track, turnouts and crossings and reconstruction on new alignment and profile with all new materials. Also included negotiation with landowners and coordination with the City of Pittsburgh.

  • Capital Budget and RFAP Applications from 2000-2010

  • Butler Plank Grade Crossing - Design, bidding, project management, inspection of new grade crossing related to the construction of a new Walgreen facility - 136-ft. concrete panel crossing.

  • Tie Rehabilitation - P&W - Gaging and tie replacement on 17 miles of P&W Subdivision. Project Management including specifications, bidding, tie marking and inspection - 15,000 ties.

  • Tie Rehabilitation - W&P - Gaging and tie replacement on 7 miles of W&P Subdivision. Project Management including specifications, bidding, tie marking and inspection - 11,000 ties.

  • Complete rebuild of Indian Run Branch Line including the reconstruction of 7 fully reconditioned turnouts with new timber and ballast, 3100 TF of standard track using Class One relay rail, new ties and ballast and 368 TF of at-grade road crossings using all new materials from the subgrade up. New storm drainage consisting of 10 new catch basins and 400-ft of storm drainage pipe.

  • Design and project management of spur track with Hazardous Material Transloading Facility off AVRR main into Sunoco facility.

  • Capital improvements grant application for $5.4 million project replacing worn jointed rail with Class One welded rail along 6 miles of AVRR main, tie renewal and grade crossing upgrade.

  • Track rehabilitation of 7 miles including 7,000 ties, switch timber and surfacing of the Brilliant Branch, Pittsburgh Branch and Main Line.

  • Flood Damage Appraisal, cost estimates, plans and specifications to reconstruct two rail lines damaged by flooding in the Pittsburgh area. Project includes interfacing with the flood insurance carrier, bidding the project along with providing on-site inspection during the reconstruction efforts.
1997 - 2010 $10 million
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